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Kurumu walked happily through the school, making sure to draw as much attention as possible to her hips and chest as she did so. She smirked as, just like usual, all the guys turned to stare at her and every girl glared with jealousy… not that Kurumu blamed them. Her body was perfect, after all. Add her ocean blue hair and deep violet eyes with their long full lashes and you’ve got a perfect beauty… but thats what you’d expect from a succubus.

She pushed open the doors of the school, inhaling deeply as the fresh outside air rushed over her face, relaxing her. “Ah~” she breathed out happily before walking towards the drink machine. She inserted her coins and pressed the button, but before the drink actually fell something caught her attention.

A boy.

"Hmm?" She raised a brow and rested her hands on her hips. She’d never seen him before, and she knew every boy… or, they at least knew her. But this boy wasn’t even looking her way. She could’t have that.

Making sure he wasn’t looking, Kurumu ran her nail from her shoulder, all the way down her arm, cutting deeply. She winced only slightly before collapsing and crying out, making sure to attract only that boys attention. “Owwy… Somebody help!” she cried out. Her plan was to lure him over and use her charm on him, to make him notice her. Easy. As. That.